The Life in Sixth Gear Rally is NOT a race. Our rally is a social event for the automotive community. Life in Sixth Gear does not condone drivers racing, speeding or breaking any other posted laws and regulations. All participants in the Life in Sixth Gear Rally must drive safely and display respect for other drivers and the public at large.

If drivers are caught racing on public highways or breaking any of the aforementioned terms or laws, they will be immediately disqualified from participating in the Life in Sixth Gear Rally. Drivers operating outside of Life in Sixth Gear’s posted terms will also be banned from future events. No refunds will be made for those disqualified from the rally.

All events are 18 & up for rally and 21 & up for after party venues. Life in Sixth Gear does not condone drinking and driving and urges participants to consume alcohol responsibly.

All events are rain or shine & there are no refunds on rally entry or event ticket fees.

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